Medical IndustryIn the past, companies—including medical device manufacturers—moved production operations to overseas countries (e.g., China) to reduce production costs. However, in recent years, rising labor and trade costs have decreased the savings experienced by choosing offshore manufacturing methods over nearshore manufacturing ones. Today, relocating production operations to Mexico, serves as a cost-effective solution for manufacturers looking to benefit from reduced real estate, labor, and other production expenses. That’s where the experts at International Assembly LLC (IAI) come in!

At IAI, we provide manufacturing support services to businesses that want to benefit from Mexico-based manufacturing operations without establishing an entirely new division in Mexico. Our company provides them with highly qualified employees, in fully certified facilities that completely comply with the country’s regulations. As a result, we save them time and money.


Overview of Medical Device Manufacturing

In the medical industry, manufacturers must comply with strict standards that dictate how to design and manufacture devices and equipment. Meeting these requirements and restrictions can be both complex and expensive, which is why many medical device manufacturers look for ways to reduce costs.

One of the most popular cost-reduction solutions involves selecting an experienced and flexible manufacturing partner capable of learning your products and operation. Many medical suppliers and OEMs have chosen to outsource some or all of their device component manufacturing to Mexico. An outsourced manufacturing partnership helps decrease overall production costs for the hiring company since the partner already has the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to quickly learn your designs and produce your products.


Why Manufacture Your Medical Devices in Mexico?

In Mexico, medical device manufacturing is one of the fastest-growing industries. Everything from pacemakers and pipettes to needles and respirators is produced in Mexico-based facilities. The reasons for this rapid expansion include the country’s prime location, low-cost but highly skilled labor force, and IP protections.

While moving medical device manufacturing operations to Mexico may seem difficult or daunting, shelter manufacturing can simplify the process. The solution is based on the idea of nearshoring—a company outsources its manufacturing operations to a company/country that is geographically nearby but less expensive. The shelter company supports all of the administrative needs of the foreign company, while the foreign company sends over all of the production materials, equipment, and instructions needed for the manufacturing project to the shelter company’s facility. By relocating the entire production operation to Mexico, the foreign company can lower operating costs without sacrificing product quality. Additionally, compared to offshore manufacturing, shelter manufacturing offers reduced transportation costs and delivery times.


Move Your Medical Device Manufacturing Operations to Mexico With IAI

If you’re looking to move your medical device manufacturing operations to Mexico, you will need an experienced management partner to support you. Fortunately, the experts at IAI are here to help!

We offer flexible manufacturing partnerships for medical industry companies making modular panels, protective garments, and more. Whether you need manufacturing services, a full contract manufacturing setup, or something in-between, we’ve got you covered. Our capabilities include:

  • Import logistics to Mexico
  • Export logistics
  • Labor management
  • Consulting
  • S./Mexico regulatory compliance
  • Human resources
  • Client services
  • Facility management
  • Environmental and safety compliance
  • Accounting and taxes
  • Medical services
  • Order completion services

Once you send over the raw material and equipment to one of our warehouses in Harlingen, Texas, our team will handle the rest, up to importing the finished goods back to the U.S. Your resources, combined with our highly skilled personnel and fully certified, ISO 13485-compliant facilities in Mexico, result in lower production costs for you.

For more information about our manufacturing capabilities and how we can benefit your company, contact us or request a quote today.