Why IAI implements APQP?

For nearly 30 years, IAI has implemented Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) in order to support the pursuit of continuous improvement through a standardized set of quality requirements.

Some of the main benefits IAI has experienced since the implementation of APQP are:

  • Early identification of change
    • Intentional (what is being changed on purpose to bring value to the Customer)
    • Incidental (environments, customer usage, degradation, and interfaces)
  • Avoid late changes by anticipating failure and preventing it
  • On-time quality product at the lowest cost
  • Higher capability of verification and validation of a change
  • Improved collaboration between product design and process
  • Improved design for Manufacturing and Assembly

How does IAI implement APQP?

Finding risk in product and process development is more desirable than finding late failure. That is why IAI follows every aspect of APQP aligned with analytical risk discovery tools and techniques:

  • Section 0: Pre-planning
  • Section 1: Plan and define
  • Section 2: Product Design and Development
  • Section 3: Process Design and Development
  • Section 4: Product and Process Validation
  • Section 5: Feedback Assessment and Corrective Action